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Welcome to CAPE’s Online Learning, Week 2 (April 4-10, 2020)

Thanks for checking out Week 2 of CAPE’s Online Learning initiative! This week’s videos feature some repeat creators and some new faces. Explore, enjoy, and share!

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Click on the titles below to watch (you’ll stay on this page) or simply scroll down:

Scattergories, by Jordan Knecht

‘The Table Where Rich People Sit’ Read Aloud, by William Estrada

Film 101: Pre-Planning // Pre-Production Pt. 1 – Treatments, by Ernest Whiteman III (see last week for Episode 1 of this series)

Paper Weaving 3D Object, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon

Art Without Barriers, by Noelle Garcia and Rachel Stempel

Movement Class, by Leana Allen

Intro to Stage Adaptation // Reading the Book Pt.1, by Teju Adesida

A Reading of the Riot Grrrl Manifesto // Sister Corita Kent’s List of Rules, by Marc Fischer

Arte y Ambiente/ bonitos arreglos en casa Parte 2, by Mara Flores (see last week for Part 1 of this series)

‘Wishtree’ Reading, by Olga Nuñez-Johnson

Quarantine Cook Book Ep. 2 (Smashed Potatoes), by Michael Lopez

Creative Response Part 1, by Aram Atamian

Salsa Dancing, by Megan Rhyme

Stress Reliever // Coffee Scrub, by Natalia Villa & Palmira Perez

Hi, I’m Natalia Villa, the teaching artist for parents class at GWHS and co-worker with Palmira Perez. Now with the quarantine we thought about a project with materials you already might have at home so you don’t have to go out. Since we are not familiar with making videos we thought about taking pictures explaining step by step.  Our class is mostly taught in Spanish but we do have a couple of parents who speak English too. Most of the parents and community members are from the Southeast side of Chicago.

The project for this quarantine is to make body, hands and feet scrubs and is using most of the items we have in the kitchen. This first project is for our hands since we are constantly washing it. This coffee scrub can help with bringing moisture to them.


Check back in with the CAPE Online Learning Hub next week for more videos from our teachers and teaching artists!

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