This page serves to acknowledge the generosity shown to CAPE that allows us to serve the thousands of students, families, teachers and teaching artists every year.

Tribute Gifts

From time to time, gifts are made to CAPE in memory of or in honor of a loved one. This wall serves as presentation of Tribute Gifts such as memorials and honorary gifts to CAPE on behalf of loved ones. Every gift makes a difference.


In Honor of…

Lila Frydman by Melissa Frydman on 8/3/2022
Ngoc Mai Doan by Louis Giller on 8/29/2022
Knitting at the Estate Retreat 2022 by Steven Fegert on 9/17/2022
Colin and Liz Molburg by Erin Molburg on 12/4/2022
Carol Eastin by Judy Freeman on 12/9/2022
The Board by Nancy Emrich Freeman on 12/19/2022
The Southside by Mary Ellen Ziegler on 12/31/2022

In Memory of…

Yildiz Yetkin by Mutlu Yetkin on 4/14/2023

Monica Skylas by John Dillenbeck on 12/31/2022
Justin Roa by Cara Rufo on 3/4/2023


If you would like to make a gift to CAPE in honor of a special person, please do so here. You may do so anonymously or with recognition.