Inside/Outside: A Conversation with the Cognate Collective

In Fall 2018, CAPE and one of our after-school classrooms at Telpochcalli Elementary collaborated with the Sullivan Galleries and the Cog•nate Collective to create art guided by students’ [...]


Inside/Outside: Collaborating with the Cognate Collective

Connecting with the Cognate Collective In Fall 2018, CAPE staff members were in conversation with Hannah Barco, Assistant Director of Exhibitions at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries, about professional [...]


Odes and Tattoos: Classroom Perspectives

How are voices and stories from overlooked, liminal social spaces elevated? How are marginalized cultural perspectives depicted to convey new ideas of self and community that are often sidelined [...]


Reflecting on Convergence

Convergence is our annual exhibition of student arts and learning, and it’s on right now!  Click here for more details about the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is particularly [...]

CAPE’s new Office Residency Program!

CAPE has launched its new Office Residency Program, which invites teachers and teaching artists from our network of Artist/Researchers to further investigate the potential of art and pedagogy. As [...]


Teaching Artist William Estrada on CAPE’s Impact on His Work

At the recent celebration of our Convergence exhibition at Mana Contemporary Chicago, one our of long-time CAPE teaching artists, William Estrada, delivered the following remarks to 75+ event [...]


Art/Research Making in the School Lives of CAPE Students

By Louanne Smolin, Ed.D. In a recent blog post, CAPE’s Education Director Scott Sikkema discussed one of CAPE’s longstanding strategic goals: “CAPE will become a research organization.” As [...]


Introducing the CAPE Artist/Researcher

By Scott Sikkema, Education Director, CAPE The CAPE learner (and leader) is an Artist/Researcher. As an Artist/Researcher, she/he conducts investigations through art and collaboration in order to [...]