Some CAPE partnerships are in their first year while others have been established for more than 20 years! We sustain as many existing partnerships as we can from year to year, and we find new partners through a variety of channels when we adequate funding to add them to our programs. None of our CAPE schools pay for our services, but we try to focus our efforts in schools that, without CAPE, would struggle to bring the arts to their students and training to their teachers.

Partnerships Across Chicago

Our partnerships are reaching 90 Chicago Public Schools all across the city during this 2016-2017 school year. Our professional development sessions bring together teachers and artists from many different neighborhoods to foster camaraderie, build respect among the educators, and share best practices.

CAPE Partnerships List

School Teacher(s) Artist(s) Students Artistic Discipline Academic Subject
Avalon Park Debbie Knapp Visual
Boone Elementary Gina Spears Dance
Boone Elementary Gustavo Soto Gwendolyn Terry 3rd Grade Sculpture Social Science, Science, Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning
Brenneman Elementary Edward Foss Visual
Camras Elementary Katarzyna Drake Niema Qureshi Kindergarten Installation, Performance and Sound Language Arts
Camras Elementary Brian Calhoun Jessica Rodrigue 3rd Grade Photography, Drawing Social Studies
Canty Elementary Nathan Dorotiak Visual
Carver High Coleman media
Chopin Elementary Sarah Larson Visual
Curie High Viera Bakova Visual
Daley Elementary Teresa De Santiago, Andrew Watson Juan-Carlos Perez 5th Grade Visual Art/ Folk Art Reading, Writing, Social Studies
Davis Elementary Javier Gonzalez Nora Renick-Rinehart 6th Grade Textiles Social Studies
Davis Elementary Erika Valenciana Noemi Mendez 6th Grade Video, Animation Science
Disney Elementary Kimberly Varner Visual
Disney II Elementary Kent Barnhart Music
Durkin Park Elementary Deborah Birmingham Niema Qureshi 7th Grade Video, Installation Social Science and Civics
Durkin Park Elementary Luis Rodriguez Anni Holm 6th Grade Writing, Drawing, Photography, Mixed media Reading, Writing
Eberhardt Elementary Mary Rodriguez Visual
Edwards Elementary Emma Ott Visual
Evers Elementary Najjah Thompson Theatre, Music
Fort Dearborn Elementary Kimberly Houston-Moore visual
Foster Park Elementary Lachelle Washington Art
Washington High Kathryn Innocenti Ben Murray High School Visual Art Language Arts
Washington High Estela Giron, Palmira Perez Ellen Tritschler Parents Visual Art Technology
Washington High Kyle Leonard, Madeleine Sorrentino Antoinette Suitor High School Bio Art Biology
Washington High Melody Foley Anni Holm High School Public Art/ Functional Art Language Arts
Washington High Mary Rossi Michelle Alba High School Drama and Video Language Arts
Goudy Elementary Patty Whitehouse Margy Stover 4th Grade Sculpture, 3D Design Engineering
Grissom Elementary Deborah Johnson-Sharp Visual
Haley Elementary Timothy Vail Visual
Haley Elementary Mellisa Kazlauskas Ellen Tritschler 6th Grade Bookmaking/ Papermaking, Painting, Collage/Mosaic Social Sciences, Writing
Haley Elementary Toyya Proctor Ellen Tritschler 5th Grade Printmaking Reading, Writing
Hamilton Elementary Kerrie Rovito Tim Nickodemus 8th Grade Painting, Drawing, Mural Science, Astronomy
Hamilton Elementary Kristen Enders Tim Daisy 3rd Grade Sound, Instrument Creation History
Hamilton Elementary Carly Jugenitz Tim Nickodemus 4th Grade Multidisciplinary Science, Social Studies, Math
Hampton Elementary Bridget Bancroft Visual
Hampton Elementary Jennifer Mannebach 5th Grade Reading and Social Science
Hampton Elementary Ciara Miller Shaneal Durr 5th Grade Poetry/ Drama Social Studies
Harte Elementary Antoinette Suiter Kristy Ulrich-Papczun 8th Grade Language Arts
Harte Elementary Nikkol Turley Teresa Miro 4th & 5th Grade Visual Arts Literacy and Diversity
Healy Elementary Jennifer Blue visual
Hedges Elementary Jose Luis Gutierrez Media
Henry Elementary Emily Victor Ayako Kato 3rd Grade Dance Reading, Writing, Social Studies
Hibbard Elementary Julie Reyes, Courtney Carlstrom Sanaz Sohrabi, Teresa Miro 4th Grade Video and Performance Social Studies and Social Emotional Learning
Holden Elementary Rebecca Dousias visual
Hoyne Elementary Andre Porter Music
Hurley Elementary Mary Schumann Visual
Jahn Elementary Devin Mawdsley Michelle Berrios 6th Grade Visual Arts, collage, drawing Social Studies, Technology
Jahn Elementary Catalina Bellizzi Marcela Torres Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Art History, Art Activism , Performance Cultural Studies
Jenner Elementary Cora Kolosso Visual
Kipling Elementary Christine Wyatt Music
Lavizzo Elementary Alfreda Smith, Annette Ford Reginald Edmund, Julia Klein Kindergarten & 1st Grade Sculpture, Performance, Writing Math, English
Lindblom Math and Science Acadmey Casey Fuess Ronnie Malley 9-12th Grade Music Arabic, Social Studies
Murphy Elementary Paula Hawkins Dance
Murphy Elementary Frank DeJohns, Michele Sera Gina Lee Robbins, Gwenyth Anderson 4th Grade Ceramics, mixed media, animation, sculpture
New Sullivan Elementary Tracy Netter Visual
New Sullivan Elementary Juanita Martin Michelle Alba 5th Grade Video, Photography Language, History, Social Studies
New Sullivan Elementary April Riley Margy Stover 6th Grade Sculpture, Installation Math
North-Grand High Victoria Turbov Mitsu Salmon High School Drama Language Arts
North-Grand High Getsemani Nava Keaton Bell High School Comic Book Language Arts
North-Grand High Kathryn Jung Marc Fischer High School Publications Math
North-Grand High Melanie Ruiz Vanessa Valliere High School Movement and Drama Language Arts
North-Grand High Karen Furlong Mitsu Salmon High School Poetry and Media Arts Language Arts
North-Grand High Mindy Chappell Nadia Oussenko High School Dance and Video Social Studies
North-Grand High Beth Barrow-Johnson Jessi Walsh Parents Visual Art/ Folk Art Culinary Arts and Medicine
Orozco Elementary Nikki Jarecki visual
Owens Elementary Gregory Janacek Music
Pasteur Elementary Carlos Carillo, Julia Servin Jose “Luis” Benavides, Julia Potraz 5th Grade Poetry, Performance, Video, Audio Teaching
Perez Elementary Anne Koss Visual, Music
Peirce Elementary Caitlin Bencel, Geri Baumgarten Megan Rhyme, Carron Little 2nd Grade Visual Art, Performance, Dance and choreography Communication and Sequence
Pirie Elementary Robin DaSilva Music
Pirie Elementary Kira Jones Ellen Tritschler 6th Grade Visual Arts, Performance Poetry, Language Arts
Pritzker Elementary Jenai Jenkins Music
Ravenswood Elementary Catherine Conde Visual
Ravenswood Elementary (Kitty) Catherine Conde John Neff 6-7-8 Grades Curatorial Practice Language, History, Social Studies
Ravenswood Elementary John Catarello John Neff 6th Grade Sculpture Language, History, Social Studies
Ray Graham Training Center High Dolores Manuel Ellen Tritschler 9-12 Grades Sculpture, Installation Science
Ray Graham Training Center High Katie Morgan Ellen Tritschler 9-12 Grades Sculpture History, Social Studies, Science, Language
Ruiz Elementary Kathryn Jochaniewicz Visual
Senn High School Kelly Hume Tech
Southside Occupational High Glenna Sullivan, Katie Radomski Jennifer Mannebach, Steve Juras Grades 12+ (16-22yr old Special Education) Visual Arts, Instillation, Sculpture Science, Social Emotional
Spry Elementary Marina Lopez Visual
Spry Elementary Maribel Delgadillo Michelle Alba 4th Grade Performance, Script Writitng Language Arts
Stowe Elementary Mary O’Malley Dance
Swift Elementary Samantha Gamble Music
Talcott Fine Arts and Museum Academy Paul D’Addario Music
Telpochcalli Elementary Liz Pagan William Estrada 6-8th grade 2D (Drawing, paintitng, design, etc.) Science
Telpochcalli Elementary Jorge Majarro William Estrada 5th Grade 2D (Drawing, paintitng, design, etc.) Social Science
Telpochcalli Elementary Lucy Saldana Jessica Mueller Elementary School Visual Art Language Arts
Telpochcalli Elementary Erin Franzinger-Barrett William Estrada Elementary School Multimedia Social Studies
Telpochcalli Elementary Maria Gonzalez Amanda Gutierrez Elementary School Multimedia Social Studies
Telpochcalli Elementary Xochitl Espinosa Jessica Mueller Parents Visual Art Leadership Training
Telpochcalli Elementary Mary Beth Werner Juan Carlos Perez Elementary School Visual Art Language Arts
Telpochcalli Elementary Gaby Nunez Sarah Goeden Elementary School Drama Language Arts
Telpochcalli Elementary Vanessa Saucedo Michelle Alba Elementary School Multimedia Language Arts
Vanderpoel Elementary Daniel Burke Music
Vaughn Occupational High Patricia Bonness Kera MacKenzie 11-12 Grades Sculpture Science
Vaughn Occupational High Dara Sklare Adam Farcus 9th Grade Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media Language, Social Emotional Learning
Vaughn Occupational High Laura R. Smith Chuck Jones 11-12 Grades Drawing, Fibers/ Sewing Occupational Prep
Washington High Noreen Wojtan Ben Murray 9th-12th Grades Theatre, Set Design, Painting, Sculpture English
Washington Elementary Dean Thornton music
Waters Elementary Leticia Ramos Jessica Rodrigue Elementary School Photography Language Arts
Waters Elementary Daniela Mihalcova Megan Rhyme Elementary School Dance Social Studies
Waters Elementary Victoria Mendoza, Rachel Stempel Juan Carlos Perez Parents Visual Art English as a Second Language
Waters Elementary Olga Johnson Emmy Bean Elementary School Drama Language Arts
Waters Elementary Tommy Bradford Jesse Malmed Elementary School Music and Video Language Arts
Waters Elementary Erin Hooper Patricia Okulinski Elementary School Visual Art/ Fiber Art/ Fashion Language Arts
Williams Preparatory School of Medicine Phillip Cotton Margy Stover 9-12 Grades Visual Art, Installation, Public Art Science, Social Science

Contact us for information on how to partner with CAPE

We have a long list of teachers, parents, and principals who want to bring CAPE partnerships to their schools, but we’re always happy to discuss the process and options available at any given time.