Thanks to consistent funding of successful programs from organizations and people like you, CAPE has sustained the development and cultivation of teacher and teaching artist partnerships for 30 years. No CAPE schools pay for these services, and CAPE makes it a priority to partner with schools that struggle to provide arts for their students and training for their teachers. Read about CAPE’s Partnership programs here.

Partnerships Across Chicago

Our partnerships are reaching Chicago area Public Schools all across the city during this 2022-2023 school year. Our professional development sessions bring together teachers and artists from many different neighborhoods to foster camaraderie, build respect among the educators, and share best practices.

Map Key:
Artist/Researcher Partners (20 schools): Red
Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab) Schools (9 schools): Blue
Chicago After School (8 schools): Green
West Chicago Partnership Schools (5 schools): Purple

CAPE Headquarters at 1010 W 35th: Red

Contact us for information on how to partner with CAPE

We have a long list of teachers, parents, and principals who want to bring CAPE partnerships to their schools, but we’re always happy to discuss the process and options available at any given time.