CAPE champions the importance of art in education. Our students are encouraged to inquire, experiment, create, collaborate, reflect, and contribute as learners, leaders, and members of a unique community. This results in students who are eager to learn and who demonstrate tremendous growth in academic, artistic, and social-emotional areas.

Student Voices

CAPE students share the impact of an arts education on learning and how they gained academic, technology, time management, and leadership skills from their CAPE projects.

“We used music like Lupe Fiasco and the opera Don Giovanni in our language arts class and we talked a lot about forgiveness in our novels and songs. I learned that when you forgive somebody, it’s not for them but for yourself. If you have a grudge, you can forgive them, forget about it, and move on with your life.”

– Jeremiah, CAPE Student at Chopin Elementary

Jessica’s Experience

A former CAPE student describes how she became more engaged in class through her experience with a CAPE teaching artist and the lasting impact that arts education had on her learning.

Convinced of the importance of art in education?

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