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An Exhibition of artwork from 40 schools in 4 locations

Join us to meet the students, teaching artists, classroom teachers, and families of CAPE 2022!

Exhibitions, Receptions and Hours
Convergence is an annual exhibition of student arts-integrated projects created in CAPE’s Artist/Researcher Partners Program. The exhibition is a collection in four locations of artworks by K-12 students from 40 classrooms across Chicago Public Schools. Teachers and teaching artists begin the year formulating inquiry questions that form the investigative arc for their curriculum—these questions set in motion student engagement through art-making to explore and expand academic content learning. By creating original artworks, students make connections between academics and the environment outside the classroom.

Convergence 2022, Acre Projects
2439 S Oakley Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60608
Sat., June 4, 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Free and Open to the Public
Exhibition runs Sat., June 4 – Sun., June 5, hours by appt
Featuring work by students at Alex Haley Elementary Academy, New Sullivan Elementary, STEM Magnet Academy, Galileo Scholastic Academy of Math and Science, Ray Graham Training Center, South Shore International College Prep, Taylor Elementary, and Telpochcalli Elementary

The artworks exhibited at ACRE Projects in the Pilsen neighborhood represent the South and Southeast side school partners. A selection of projects here show New Sullivan students exploring cultural roots and affinities through weaving

and STEM  Magnet students repurposing everyday materials to find new meaning in them. 

Young artists from Telpochcalli visualize the future through creative writing, comic  books, and performance and Taylor students create stop motion animations that  tell the stories of pandemic changes and experiences that truly impacted them. 


Convergence 2022, PO Box Gallery
6900 N Glenwood, Chicago, IL 60626
Reception Sat., June 11, 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Free and Open to the Public
Exhibition runs Thurs., June 9 to Sun., June 12; open 12:00 to 4:00pm Thurs, Fri
Featuring work by students at Goudy Technology Academy, Rogers Fine Arts, Boone Elementary








CAPE’s Northside schools exhibit works exploring identity, community, and urban  space at PO Box Collective in Rogers Park. Rogers Fine Arts students created  illustrated poems that investigate their sense of self and identity. Boone Elementary  students transferred ideas about balance and interdependence in social  frameworks parallel to their study of ecosystems found in the rainforest: creating  masks to examine social constructs in daily interactions with family, friends,  enemies, pets, school, and community. Goudy students built a cardboard city to  explore urban planning and engineering to visualize what a city could look like from  kindergartners through 3rd graders’ perspectives.

Convergence 2022, Ignition Project Space
3839 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651
Reception Sat., June 18, 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Free and Open to the Public
Exhibition runs Sat., June 4 to June 25, by Appointment – work is viewable from the street
Featuring work by students at North-Grand High School, Henry H. Nash Fine & Performing Arts Academy

North-Grand High School

Nash Elementary







The work in
Ignition Project Space features student artwork that explores “place”  through time and social movements. Students at Nash Elementary in Austin created  video and sound recordings in response to their study of Black and Latino activism  in the 1960s and iconic works by Chicago musicians, visual artists, and poets from  the same era. Diverse Learners at North-Grand High School in Humboldt Park  investigated how the pandemic distorted the concept of time through drawings and  sculptures. 


Convergence 2022, Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60618

Exhibition Wed, June 22 to Fri, June 24, 12:00 to 4:00pm
Featuring work by students at Bateman Elementary, Lake View High School, Camras Children’s Engineering School, Murphy Elementary School, Henry Elementary School, Durkin Park Elementary, Dever Elementary, Pasteur Elementary, Pirie Fine Arts, Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences

The works at Hairpin Arts Center, which straddles the Avondale and Logan Square  communities, comprise the bulk of our work from schools in neighborhoods that reach down  to the Southwest side and extend from the Lake View neighborhood on the east to Belmont  Heights on the city’s western edge. In this exhibition, viewers will see Lake View High School  students investigate sonic environments. Murphy Elementary students made earthen  sculptures to study erosion as they observed their works transform and deteriorate when  exposed to natural elements. Students from Camras Elementary created video games that  engage with social justice themes. Diverse Learners at Vaughn High School created work  based on the mathematical logic of spirals and their relation to mindfulness. Another Diverse  Learner class at Ray Graham High School created performances to investigate collective  identity dynamics as a means for potential visions of change in the school, city, and world.  Durkin Park Elementary students celebrated people they knew who exemplified everyday  acts of bravery by creating sculptures that commemorated their contribution to their  community and society—a project that affords students to examine how statues and  memorials shape a society’s conception of heroism and shape historical perspectives.  

Masks are required at all exhibitions and receptions. COVID precautions will follow Public Health Advisories.

Many thanks to the Polk Bros. Foundation, the Laird Norton Family Foundation, and the Wildflower Foundation for their support of Convergence 2022.

If you’d like to make a gift to support CAPE’s work in advance of the exhibition, please click here.

View the 2020-2021 Virtual CONVERGENCE HERE.

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