The Partnership for Arts Integration Research (PAIR) Project:
An Investigation of Arts and Learning

In 2010, CAPE, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools, concluded the Partnerships for Arts Integration Research (PAIR) project. PAIR was a 4-year program that brought professional teaching artists together with 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classroom teachers for in-class projects and ongoing professional development, while lead researchers Dr. Gail Burnaford and Dr. Lawrence Scripp worked to understand the impact of arts integration on students and teachers alike.

Explore the sections detailed below to learn more about the study, its outcomes, and its implications for the field of education.

PAIR Quick Links:
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What did we actually do in the Partnership for Arts Integration Research?

Click here to learn about the project, including an overview, the project goals, project participants, and curriculum examples!

What did we learn through from the Partnership for Arts Integration Research?

Click here to learn about the outcomes of the project in the areas student academic impact and teacher professional development!

How was the PAIR research designed, conducted, and presented?

Click here to dig into the research, including the methodology, full report, and other materials.

How can we use the PAIR findings in the future?

Click here to check out our PAIR action items and learn how schools, families, teaching artists, arts organizations, and funders can support more engaging and inspiring arts integration work in your schools and communities!

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