Arts education partnerships are key to CAPE’s success and longevity. Rather than pre-designed, one-time programs, we focus on long-term, committed, and sustained work with our schools that are partnerships in the truest sense. In each CAPE classroom, you’ll find a teacher and teaching artist learning, planning, experimenting, teaching, and growing collaboratively with each of their students.

How Our Arts Education Partnerships Work

  • One teacher and one teaching artist are paired together for a minimum of one to two school years.

  • Together they receive at least 12 hours of training per school year, as well as many additional hours of one-on-one mentorship from CAPE staff and others as needed.

  • Every in-school team spends at least 35 hours each school year planning and teaching together in the classroom, and our after-school teams each spend more than 125 hours per year on their work together.

One thing that is so amazing about CAPE is having the chance to work with other teachers to get feedback and support – and there is so much collaboration! Also, the students are really enjoying it. They learn new things and we learn right along side them!

Robin DaSilva, Pirie Elementary

Learn More About Our Ongoing Partnerships

On our blog, we regularly feature the incredible work being created within our teacher-teaching artist partnerships.