When they choose to participate in a CAPE program, our teachers know we’ll be supporting their professional development with training, mentorship, and, of course, their teaching artist partner, all for the long-term. They are encouraged to bring their personal passions and curiosities into the classroom and to actively learn beside and from their students.


CAPE Teacher Dolores Manuel 

Dolores is a long-time CAPE partner at Ray Graham Training Center High, a school that exclusively serves special needs students. Hear how her work with CAPE teaching artists helped with professional development and inspired her teaching practice!
“Our Partnership with CAPE provides our students with opportunities to create work that connects to their lives while also preparing them for the rigorous demands of the future. With CAPE, we are building a movement of Fine Arts for all the residents of the Far East Side of Chicago .”
– Kevin Gallick, Principal of George Washington High School

CAPE Principal Tamara Witzl

” CAPE has been a partner of Telpochcalli Elementary since the school’s inception. Here, Principal Witzl descibes how this relationship has created a thriving, artistic school community!” – Principal Tamara Witzl

Hear More From Our CAPE Teachers

Our CAPE Blog often shares stories that highlight the work and the words of our CAPE teachers in public school classrooms across Chicago.