CAPE’s Program for the Chicago Architecture Biennial!

CAPE is returning to the closed Overton Elementary School as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial! CAPE will be teaming up for an event with Borderless Studio and DOCOMOMO-US Chicago, [...]


Reflecting on Convergence

Convergence is our annual exhibition of student arts and learning, and it’s on right now!  Click here for more details about the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is particularly [...]


Can Testing Save Art Education?

Scott Sikkema’s response to The Hechinger Report’s “Can Testing Save Art Education?” The Hechinger Report’s “Can Testing Save Arts Education?” implies for the reader that arts [...]


CAPE Classrooms: The Overton Project

In the 2015-2016 school year, students from Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine worked on a unique project that considered the question of what to do with a closed Chicago public [...]


Introducing the CAPE Artist/Researcher

By Scott Sikkema, Education Director, CAPE The CAPE learner (and leader) is an Artist/Researcher. As an Artist/Researcher, she/he conducts investigations through art and collaboration in order to [...]