Looking for a space to host an event, meeting or celebration?  CAPE’s space is available to rent!


CAPE’s 4,000 square foot gallery space is for the primary use of the organization to host exhibitions, workshops, events, and fundraisers.  However, we have many times when the gallery is not in use, and might be perfect for your occasion!  The added bonus is that you will have beautiful CAPE artwork as a backdrop for your event.  

CAPE is located at 1010 W. 35th Street, Suite 697.  The space boasts skyline views of the city and White Sox Park.  The building includes free parking, and easy on-street parking within a few blocks, is ADA accessible, and is newly renovated.  

Potential uses include: 

  • Meetings, workshops, and presentations 
  • Fundraisers
  • Family Celebrations 
  • Rehearsals and Performances 

Please fill out this Request form, and CAPE will contact you. 







The space features:  

  • Brushed concrete floor
  • Event capacity up to 250 total
  • 60 chairs, 5 Highboy tables, 10 foldable 6′ x 24” tables included in rental fee; additional furniture or equipment must be provided by vendors.
  • Black linens available 
  • ADA Accessible (see detail) includes ramp outside, elevators, concrete floors throughout, accessible bathrooms and table heights.
  • Kitchen area equipped with new amenities: sink, ice-dispensing refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, and dishwasher. 

Wheelchair accessible


  • Discounted rates are available for CAPE Teachers and Teaching Artists
  • Market rate rental: For-profit companies for commercial uses, starting at $250 per hour.
  • CAPE staff are available at an additional cost to conduct artmaking workshops or professional development.  

Please fill out this Request form your event, and we will contact you with a price quote.  

Other information:  

  • All CAPE exhibition information and promotional materials must remain in place and accessible to guests.
  • All events and rentals will take place in the CAPE space and not outside the doors of Suite 697.  
  • CAPE space dimensions are available here Suite 697 Plan.pdf
  • Gallery includes eight 8’ x 10’ movable walls which may or may not be available to move during your event
  • CAPE does not have an in-house, remote film or live stream system.
  • Livestream services, documentation, and performance for film need to be provided by renter.
  • Wifi is provided. 
  • A CAPE manager must be on site for all events. 
  • Updated COVID-19 building safety policy will be provided.
  • CAPE does not have a liquor license nor the ability to charge for alcoholic beverages.