Description of Rental opportunities at CAPE, 1010 W 35th Street, Suite 697, Chicago, IL 60609


  • 4,000 square foot professional gallery space with free parking lot, easy on-street parking, ADA Accessible, new HVAC and kitchen amenities.

  • Kitchen area equipped with new amenities: sink, garbage disposal, ice-dispensing refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher, basic dishes and platters, coffee urn, Keurig.







  • Available for rehearsals, workshops, and performances

  • Brushed concrete floor

  • Event capacity up to 250, Chairs for 80

  • 5 Highboy tables, 10 foldable 6′ tables available in onsite storage area, linens in CAPE colors or black

  • 8 10′ x 10′ Moveable walls available to define your space.
  • ADA Accessible (see detail) includes ramp outside, elevators, concrete floors throughout, accessible bathrooms and table heights.

Wheelchair accessible

Starting Rates

  • Space rental upon availability subject to CAPE events, classes, workshops, staff needs.
  • All rentals pending consultation with CAPE contact Jenny Heyden


  • Weeknights after 5pm + Weekends $20/hour

Class/Workshop (2 hour min)

  • Starting at $25/hour

Private Performance or Event (4 hour min)

  • Starting at $72/hour, includes 1 technician

Performance or Public Event (4 hour min)

  • First performance: $125/hour, includes 1 technician + 1 house manager

  • Each additional performance: $100/hour, includes 1 technician + 1 house manager

Technical Rehearsal (in combination with Performance Rental) (1 hour min)

  • Starting at $50/hour, includes 1 technician

All Inquiries, contact Jenny Heyden at 312-674-6925 or email



  • All performance rentals will take place in the CAPE space and not outside the  doors of the Suite 697. Rentals at CAPE are limited to availability.

  • CAPE space dimensions and technical specifications are available here (coming soon)

  • A CAPE technician must be on site while lighting, sound, or video equipment is in use. Technical rehearsal and performance rental rates are inclusive of one technician.

  • CAPE does not have an in-house,  remote film or live stream system. Livestream services, documentation, and performance for film need to be provided by renter.

  • A CAPE house manager must be on site for all public performances and events. Performance rental rates are inclusive of one house manager.

  • Updated COVID-19 building safety policy will be provided.

  • CAPE does not have a liquor license nor the ability to charge for alcoholic beverages.