North-Grand Students Get Creative, Make Connections: COVID-19 High School Remote Learning After School Art Sketchbook

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North-Grand Students Get Creative, Make Connections: Our COVID-19 High School Remote Learning After School Art Sketchbook

For the past year and a half students have felt the pressure of the pandemic life, as creativity seemed to be outweighed by worry. CAPE’s online after-school programming became a lifeline for students in processing and coping with the pandemic. At North-Grand High School, CAPE students explored the question: How can we draw on our personal and shared experiences to develop a printed publication during a global pandemic where we can’t meet in person?

Working with Katie Jun, a math teacher, and Marc Fischer, a CAPE teaching artist, the students’ goal was to create a publication by the end of the school year. What they developed was quite unconventional! Before the pandemic, the students would make art in the classroom or attend field trips to cultural spaces and museums to find their inspiration to draw. For this project, students met twice each week online to view clips of TV shows, documentaries, and movies. They would reflect on the character and clip that struck them the most and draw a representation of it.

To download the PDF version of the compilation of the students’ drawings you may follow the link here

Pictured below: Students from North-Grand High School had an in-person gathering during the summer of 2021 at a local park, where they all received a printed copy of their sketchbooks.














Comment below to let us what fun fact you learned from this classroom story, and for even more fun take a look at our latest story where both Ms. Bowlus and Mannebach worked with diverse learners in their classrooms, many graduating at the end of the year. So they decided to ask their students to think about the future and consider the question, “what is adult life?” Read all about it here.

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