My Chicago: Students’ Perspectives on Their City

At Hoyne Elementary in Archer Heights, music teacher Andre Porter is working with CAPE Teaching Artist Jessica Mueller to build on work he began with his students last year as part of [...]


CAPE to Receive $65,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts Acting Chairman Mary Anne Carter has approved more than $80 million in grants as part of the Arts Endowment’s second major funding announcement for fiscal year [...]


Get Moving: STEM and Kinetic Sculptures

This spring at Pirie Elementary in the Chatham neighborhood, teacher Kira Jones and CAPE Teaching Artist Ellen Tritschler have been exploring kinetic energy, engineering, measurement, and [...]


Odes to Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and we want to share some odes to Mom, written by CAPE students at North-Grand High School. These poems and others were featured last fall at Odes and Tattoos, an [...]


Exploring Artifacts to Understand Ourselves

At Murphy Elementary, teacher Sarah Ramirez and CAPE teaching artist Gina Lee Robbins have been working with their 4th grade students to explore history, social studies, and a variety of art [...]