In CAPE’s Online Learning Hub, you’ll find videos created by our teachers and teaching artists to help their students (and you!) stay engaged and creative while schools are closed during the pandemic. Each Monday, we’ll share a new page with all the past week’s videos. The weekly collections can be found below, along with a sampling of what you’ll find within.

If you’d like to check out additional free ideas and things to do, check out our list of Arts Resources for Families Stuck at Home!

Week 1: March 30-April 3, 2020 (click here)

Video Topics Include:

  • Show & Tell, by Jordan Knecht
  • Designing One-Page Zines, by Marc Fischer
  • Solving Equations, by Mrs. English-Harris
  • A reading of ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me,’ by William Estrada
  • Stop motion video, by Dana Oesterlin
  • How to play “Riptide” on different instruments, by Peter Eilrich
  • Film 101 Intro, by Ernest Whiteman III
  • Yarn text art, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon
  • Mural design, by Laura Florczak 

Week 2: April 6 – April 10, 2020 (click here)

Video Topics Include:

  • Scattergories, by Jordan Knecht
  • ‘The Table Where Rich People Sit’ Read Aloud, by William Estrada
  • Film 101: Pre-Planning // Pre-Production Pt. 1 – Treatments, by Ernest Whiteman III
  • Paper Weaving 3D Object, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon
  • Art Without Barriers, by Noelle Garcia and Rachel Stempel
  • Movement Class, by Leana Allen
  • Intro to Stage Adaptation // Reading the Book Pt.1, by Teju Adesida
  • A Reading of the Riot Grrrl Manifesto // Sister Corita Kent’s List of Rules, by Marc Fischer
  • Arte y Ambiente/ bonitos arreglos en casa Parte 2, by Mara Flores

Week 3: April 13 – April 17, 2020 (click here)

Video Topics Include:

  • Gratitude Journals, by Jordan Knecht
  • Stop Motion Pt 2, by Dana Oesterlin
  • Pre-Production Pt. 2 – Screenplays, by Ernest Whiteman III
  • Positive Illustration/Message, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon
  • Artes sin Barreras, by Noelle Garcia and Rachel Stempel
  • Red Clay+CAPE Movement Class #2, by Leana Allen
  • Reading the Golden Cadillac, Part 2, by Teju Adesida
  • Red Clay Dance/CAPE Class, by Marceia Scruggs
  • Big Marsh Virtual Field Trip, by Sonja Moser

And many more!

CAPE Online Learning Hub Gwenyth Anderson Holds Up Doodle

Week 4: April 20 – April 254, 2020 (click here)

Video Topics Include:

  • Motivational Boards, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon
  • Red Clay Dance Class, by Marceia Scruggs
  • Origami Bunny, by bAnansi Knowbody
  • One Shot Video Poem, by Timothy Rey
  • Bonitos arreglos en casa parte 3, de Mara Gallegos
  • Editing Audio in REAPER, by Nick Merryhew
  • MINDFULNESS, by Gwenyth Anderson

Plus more than a dozen other videos, including trigonometry lessons and read alouds!

Week 5: April 27-May 1, 2020 (click here)

Video Topics Include:

  • Make a Postcard, by William Estrada
  • Yes,Let’s…not be bored, by Teju Adesida
  • Dream Fitness, by Carolyn Nicholson
  • Minimal Material Shadow Art, by Laura Florczak
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance readaloud, by Lucila Roman
  • Wishtree readaloud, by Olga Nuñez-Johnson
  • Gentle Stretch and Meditation: Gratitude, by Stephanie Kawesch

As well as another dozen+ videos and tutorials!

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