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Welcome to CAPE’s Online Learning, Week 5 (April 27-May 1, 2020)

We’re pleased to present Week 5 of CAPE’s Online Learning initiative! This week’s videos feature postcard design, audio editing, drawing, fitness, making dyes from plants, and MUCH more. Explore, enjoy, and share! If you’d like to check out last week’s videos, click here to visit CAPE Online Learning: Week 4.

Click on the titles below to watch (you’ll stay on this page) or simply scroll down:

Making a Postcard, by William Estrada

Artes Sin Barreras, by Noelle Garcia, Vicky Mendoza, & Rachel Stempel

Editing Audio in REAPER Pt. 3 – Using the Virtual MIDI Keyboard // An Introduction to Graphic Scores // Sonic Parameters // Performing Graphic Scores, by Nick Meryhew

Trigonometry Homework #1 // Trigonometry Homework #2, by Talisa English-Harris

Yes,Let’s…not be bored, by Teju Adesida

Dream Fitness, by Carolyn Nicholson

Minimal Material Shadow Art, by Laura Florczak 

Giraffes Can’t Dance Readaloud, by Lucila Roman

Wishtree Chapter 5-8 readaloud, by Olga Nuñez-Johnson

Gentle Stretch and Meditation: Gratitude, by Stephanie Kawesch

Dragon Unit Parts 1-3, by Gwen Terry

My Many Colored Days // Harold and the Purple Crayon// Red is Best, by Molly Cranch

Natural Dyes, by Jennifer Mannebach

Sketch Introduction Tutorial, by Ruby Thorkelson

Storytelling, by Dwayne Sanders


Check back in with the CAPE Online Learning Hub next week for more videos from our teachers and teaching artists!

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