CAPE Online Learning Week 6

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Due to the sheer volume of videos being created every week by our teachers and teaching artists, we’ve decided to change up how we share this work with you.

CAPE videos are currently housed in two places:

  • The CAPE Network Forum is a Tumblr account created by CAPE as an immediate response to the coronavirus crisis. It is a place where our teachers, teaching artists, and staff are continually asking questions, offering advice, and, of course, posting their CAPE Online Learning videos. Many of the videos featured there come from teams in our CAPE After School program and they cover a range of topics, many of which can be useful and entertaining to any viewer, any place, any time, with no prerequisite understanding or participation in a CAPE program.
  • The official CAPE YouTube account, on the other hand, is home to a growing playlist of videos from many of our in-school teaching teams, who work within different parameters than our after-school teams. These videos reflect an intense effort to forge ahead with plans for in-school arts integration projects that have been in the works since as far back as 2018. You can follow along with the learning and artmaking in the videos, but you’ll likely notice more references to work done in our classrooms prior to the school shutdowns.

Please explore both sets of videos and feel welcome to use them extensively and share them widely, so long as CAPE and our teachers and teaching artists are credited appropriately. If you find yourself using any of this work with your own family or students, we’d love to hear about it! Click here to drop us a line!

Here’s a quick, simple video from this week that we thought could be useful to everyone experiencing a recent uptick in vivid dreaming: Creating a Dream Journal, by Timothy Rey.

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