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Welcome to CAPE’s Online Learning, Week 4 (April 19-24, 2020)

Introducing Week 4 of CAPE’s Online Learning initiative! This week’s videos feature read alouds, origami and drawing lessons, a virtual field trip, and a whole lot more. Explore, enjoy, and share! If you’d like to check out last week’s videos, click here to visit CAPE Online Learning: Week 3.

Click on the titles below to watch (you’ll stay on this page) or simply scroll down:

Researching Things in Our Own Homes, by Jordan Knecht

6 Basic Perspective Exercises // A Is for Activist Read Aloud // Cultural Alphabet Book // El Tapiz de Abuela, by William Estrada

Inspirational/Motivational Boards, by Shenequa Brooks & Jacki Limon

Red Clay Dance/CAPE Class, by Marceia Scruggs

Big Marsh Virtual Field Trip Pt. 2 // Drama Class Pt. 2 by Sonja Moser and Olga Nunez-Johnson

Stay Home Arts Instruction Warm Up 2// Origami Bunny // Journal Reflection 2, by bAnansi Knowbody, by bAnansi Knowbody

One Shot Video Poem, by Timothy Rey

Arte y Ambiente/ Bonitos arreglos en casa parte 3, de Mara Gallegos

Editing Audio in REAPER – Pt. 1 First Steps // Pt. 2 Item Properties, by Nick Meryhew

Virtual CAPE Visual Art Club: MINDFULNESS // DOODLING, by Gwenyth Anderson

Creative Response with Anya Smolnikova Part 2, by Aram Atamian

Trigonometry Homework #1 // Trigonometry Homework #2, by Talisa English-Harris


Check back in with the CAPE Online Learning Hub next week for more videos from our teachers and teaching artists!

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