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Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you for your past support. This year has been a challenge on so many fronts. Since this pandemic began in March 2020, CAPE has prioritized supporting our teaching artists, the heart of our organization — by compensating artists during school shut downs, by convening discussions on how to shift curriculum to online learning, and by seeking new opportunities for artists to teach remotely working with new students.

While we’ve sustained our work under these challenging conditions, there is so much more work to be done. Over the summer and into next school year, our teaching artists will be working with students to transition back into in-person learning and helping them to cope with the stress and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We will also continue to work with our students on understanding the Black Lives Matter movement and the work that we collectively need to do for our city to bring justice for all people.

As a Board Member, I know CAPE will be putting students needs first by supporting excellence and criticality in teaching, by providing access to the arts for students in communities lacking resources, and by encouraging students to take a lead in advocating for more freedom and justice for all people. I hope that you will continue to support CAPE by helping us on our journey to use art as a tool for healing, celebration, and imagining a just future.


William Estrada

CAPE Board Member and Teaching Artist

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