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To all of our friends of CAPE, we wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

From our creative family to yours, know that we are grateful for you.

Here is a special video we made just for you. Hear the personal messages from Amy, Josh, Kevin, Kirti, Margaret, Jenny, Brandon, Hannah and Teaching artists and Students. Everyone has a unique take on what your support means for CAPE.

So grab your popcorn, open up your impact report, set your Thanksgiving card nearby as a coaster for your cocoa, and click here to watch the 2022 Thanksgiving Video!

Move over, Macy’s Day Parade. Surfing on YouTube on your big screen while digesting turkey? Pull up this video to show your whole family you have a lot of people grateful for you. On YouTube, you will find it with this title: 2022 Thank You for Your Support video by CAPE Board, Staff and Students
Want to see more individual short videos? Check these out –
Watch separately!
And have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are grateful for you!
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