The Art of Gathering (El arte del convivio)

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The Art of Gathering/El arte del convivio

A celebration of culture, community, and belonging through art
Una celebracion de la cultura, la comunidad y la pertenencia a traves del arte

January 22 to March 16, 2024

Exhibition Gallery Hours: T-Fri 11-4 pm

CAPE Dialogue, Thursday, March 7, 5:30 to 7 p.m. Free and open to the public. RSVP here. 


The Art of Gathering was created by CAPE’s Community Classes, established in 2004, and co-taught weekly throughout the school year by artists, teachers, and community partners. They provide creative spaces for parents and community members to come together through art-making driven by their needs and interests. These arts-centered gatherings are intimate times of fellowship, often with dance, music, food, and easy banter. They are also spaces where culture, identity, and traditions are critically performed and negotiated. They celebrate the unique identities of communities and foster a sense of belonging while engaging topics as varied as literature, English language learning, environmental matters, and cultivating healthy eating as artistic inquiry, process, and expression. The Art of Gathering offers a “thick description” of these diverse communities in the assemblage of their creative works of visual and performance art, writings, crafts, photographs, and cultural artifacts.

Participating Schools, Artists, and Teachers:
Arthur J. Ashe Elementary School – teaching artist Joseph Spilberg, chef Nyah Griffin, and teacher Ebony Isaac
George Washington High School – teaching artists Natalia Villa and Mirtes Zwierzynski, and attendance coordinator Palmira Perez
Telpochcalli School – teaching artist Flor Flores and community members of TCEP (Telpochcalli Community Education Project)
New Sullivan Elementary School – teaching artist Jordan Knecht and teacher Charles Bessett
Waters Elementary School – teaching artist Victoria Mendoza and teacher Rachel Stempel
Taylor Elementary School – teaching artist Jessica Mueller and music teacher Andre Porter

Leman, Pioneer, Gary and Currier Elementary Schools – teaching artist Amelia Cintula and teacher Rosalba Rodriguez.
Turner Elementary – teaching artists Fiorella Gomez and Luzms Fuentes

Special thanks to the Albert & Anne Mansfield Foundation for supporting after-school community programming.


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