West Chicago End of Year Celebrations 2023

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West Chicago’s CAPE After School Programs from across District 33 concluded the 2022-23 school year on May 12, 2023 with a district-wide celebration at Leman Middle School. The celebration drew 180 guests who packed into the cafeteria to participate in the art presentations by students, teachers and CAPE artists.

Classes such as Turner partners Amelia Cintula and Yolanda Narváez shared how their CAPE after school 2-3rd grade class focused on sustainability and created an installation pieces from water bottles.

Amelia Cintula and Yolanda Narváez’s Turner 2-3rd Grade CAPE Class

Other classes like Currier and Gary’s CAPE Music classes presented a music video about a song the students learned throughout the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSy34-FSQf8

A notable showcase was the CAPE Turner Community Class fashion show. The class is comprised of mostly mothers and their children; one family has three generations of women together. 

Three generations of CAPE artists daughter Angelica-Correa, her mother, Norma Aviles and and her grandmother Anamaria Guevara









Celebration Elements included presentations from Leman Middle School Puppetry Class, Leman Multimedia Lab Art Installation, Gary Elementary 2-3rd grade dance class, Currier 3-5th grade art class,

CAPE Leman Middle School Puppetry Class

CAPE Leman Middle School Puppetry Class

Leman Student talks about her puppet journey


Leman CAPE Multimedia Art Lab Installation

Gary Elementary Kindergarten-1st grade piñatas

Gary Elementary 2-3rd grade dance class

Currier Elementary 3-5th grade CAPE after school art class

Currier Elementary 3-5th grade

Turner Elementary 4-5th grade CAPE after school acrylic paint pours

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