All Hands on Deck for Summer 2023!

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Join CAPE this summer as we share the arts with Chicago and West Chicago students and community!

All classes are provided free of charge. Click on the poster icons below to sign up.

In Chicago, there are 40 hours of instruction in 36 classes to choose from, kicking off June 26!  For students, there are eight schools offering five weeks of arts curriculum for four days a week. The community is invited to also take CAPE classes this summer, and seven schools have five weeks of classes offered two days a week. Find course information by clicking on each flyer. To use a QR code, open your camera on your cell phone and point it at the QR, then click the link that pops up to register for that class.

Three high schools offer unique programming for the summer, North Grand High School, Dyett High School and George Washington High School.

CAPE partners at North Grand High School are offering four weeks of four different courses:

Dyett High School offers these two different classes for five weeks, Urban Vision Multimedia Arts (Mondays) and Dyett TV (Thursdays):


George Washington High School offers the following courses from July 5 – 27th (click to open full flyer):

For school-age students, CAPE partners with the following elementary schools to offer summer courses which run June 26-July 27, four days a week, listed below. Click to expand and sign up!

Ashe Elementary offers Digital Arts, Graffiti Art/Mural, Dance and African Drumming

New Sullivan Elementary offers Multi-Media Arts, Dance Jams, The Art Factory, Visual Arts and Music Club

Taylor Elementary:

Telpochcalli Elementary and Waters Elementary both offer courses for students and community:


West Chicago kicks off June 27 and July 5th with bilingual summer programming for adults and community serving the West Chicago District 33! Classes are offered Monday/Wednesdays from 6-8pm starting June 27 and Tuesday/Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm.  The Tues/Wed class location is at St. Andrew, 155 N Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago, IL, 60185. Contact or en Español, The Mon/Wed class meets June 27-July 26 from 6-8pm at Gallery 200, and the contact is Anni Holm, Sign up today!





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