Updates on our 2017-2018 In-School Partnerships

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Lots of our classroom partnerships are up and running, so we wanted to provide and update for each of our in-school programs. Read on to learn what’s happening this school year in our Artist/Researcher Partnerships, Collaboration Laboratory, and STEM projects. In May, culminating art projects from these CAPE partnerships will be presented at our annual Convergence exhibition.

Artist/Researcher Partnerships

CAPE is pleased to announce 19 Chicago public schools taking part in the Action/Researcher Partners Program 2017-2018. Thirteen of the schools are long-term CAPE partners returning to further advance their arts integrated work.  Those schools are Camras, Daley, Durkin Park, Haley, Hamilton, Henry, North-Grand HS, Pirie, Ray Graham Training Center, Ravenswood, Telpochcalli,  Vaughn Occupational, and Williams Prep.  Joining these established partners are Hibbard, Murphy, Pasteur, Peirce, and Southside Occupational, all of which have successfully completed CAPE’s arts integrated introductory program, Collaboration Laboratory.  Project highlights for this year includes a Social Studies unit from Camras Elementary where student will look at the intersection of art and activism to create works about social justice issues.  A Literature class at North-Grand High School will creatively investigate how tattoos embody a cultural history and cultural memory.  

Collaboration Laboratory Program

CAPE’s two-year introduction to arts integrated program, Collaboration Laboratory, has kicked off with 10 new school partners.  CAPE is honored to welcome new partnerships with Bateman, Budlong, Gale, Galileo, Dyett High School, Fort Dearborn, Lakeview High School, Linne, Melody, and Peck. At each school, two teachers are partnering with two teaching artists to begin the design and implementation process of an arts integrated curriculum.   Through intensive citywide professional development, these teachers and artists will join and expand on CAPE’s network of arts integration practitioners as they engage in dialogue about arts and learning.

The STEM Project, supported by Boeing

CAPE continues to advance the scope of arts integration by leveraging partners working in STEM focused projects.  Arts integration is inherently interdisciplinary making it a logical process in which to apply interrelated STEM skills in problem based art-making projects.  Investigating STEM arts integrated projects this year are Durkin Park, Pirie, Goudy, and Peirce.

At Durkin Park, a 4th grade science class will explore energy through creating sculptures with conductive textiles and lights.  Pirie’s project will introduce 6th graders to the work of African-American artist, Faith Ringgold, who utilized fractions to render her imagery. They will create new ways to visualize, see and make connections with fractions, proportions and ratios.  2nd grade students at Peirce Elementary will investigate how to use movement and dance to represent changes in states of matter, applying the physical arts to science concepts.  Lastly, Goudy’s 2nd grade engineering class will tackle bridge construction through a playful, conceptual approach. Students will investigate how a bridge can also physically represent an idea or an ethereal aspect such as a wish or desire so as to “bridge” form and content.

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