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Are you with a school that would like to integrate the arts across curriculums? Have you wondered how your school can work with CAPE? If so, a new opportunity from CAPE may be just what you and your school are looking for.

CAPE’s Collaboration Laboratory Program

Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, CAPE is looking to welcome 10 new schools to its network in the Fall of 2017. These new schools will become part of our Collaboration Laboratory (or “Co-Lab”) program, which introduces participants to CAPE’s approach to arts integration.

From each Co-Lab school, CAPE will ask the participation of two teachers, who will be compensated for the time they spend working on Co-Lab outside of school hours. These teachers receive for themselves and their classrooms:

  • Teaching artists. CAPE will partner teachers with artists also new to CAPE, to form an arts integration team for the school.
  • Professional development. Teachers, with their partner artists, will attend after-school CAPE professional development meetings on arts integration, inquiry and big idea-based teaching and learning, collaboration and co-teaching, documentation, dissemination, and more.
  • Planning time. CAPE will provide facilitated planning time for teachers and artists at our professional development meetings, and at their school settings.
  • Arts integration classroom unit. In the spring, participating teachers and artists will be supported (through teaching artists hours and supply budget) in co-teaching an arts integration unit in their classrooms.

Following the first year, participants are invited back for a second year of Co-Lab, in which they go deeper with arts integration. After the two-year program, participating schools are eligible to apply for long-term support from CAPE.


Schools eligible for this program are schools which have not ever worked with CAPE before, or schools that have worked with CAPE in the past, but are currently not a part of CAPE’s in-school or after-school network.

Get Started!

If your school would like to be a part of the upcoming Co-Lab program, email Mark Diaz or call 312.870.6142 to set up a site visit to your school and further discussion.

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