CAPE’s Exciting Summer Field Trips and New Techniques Enhance the Classroom Experience

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CAPE partners with experts and colleagues to create exciting Summer Sessions which include Music, 2D Art, Dance, Videography, Fabric Arts, Performance Art, and Cooking. CAPE Summers also mean exciting field trips across town to explore Chicagoland’s rich and vibrant resources.

This summer, from July 10 – 20, West Chicago launched field trips and classes covering recycling. There, CAPE students will learn about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), in collaboration with CAPE partner, Scarce!

Scarce is an award-winning environmental education non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities. Located in Addison, IL, they are partnering with CAPE for this course.

On Monday, July 10, Scarce introduced the kindergarten class, led by the partnership of teaching artist Amelia Cintula and teachers Yolanda Narváez and Aura Martinez, to an array of up-cycled creations to demonstrate how materials can be reused into something new. Fan favorites included an elephant made of pop cans and bags made of juice pouches. After the presentation, the students made their own up-cycled artwork from Scarce’s warehouse of recycled materials. Notable creations included a boat, a house, and many pets.


Meanwhile, another CAPE West Chicago Summer Class tackled Fabric Arts using the paint and scrape technique. This 4th-8th grade course is taught by teacher Sue Avila and artist Rita Grendze and runs June 26 – July 27.

Watch the exciting time lapse video created by Program Coordinator Hannah Martin.


The finished product, from hand-dyed fabric using the paint and scrape technique.

CAPE is thrilled to be able to offer programs at 21 school locations this summer. For full CAPE Summer Class information, click here.

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