CAPE’s Summer 2023 Program Wraps up at George Washington High School

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CAPE/GWHS Summer Blog 2023

 “Painting + Bookmaking + Music at George Washington High School”

By: Janet Cortez  (2023 Illinois Arts Council Summer Youth Employee)


Download the complete pdf of the  CAPE Summer of 2023 at George Washington High School Blog here

Watch a quick Video of the Summer 2023 CAPE program at GWHS!




This blog post is about the CAPE program that went on at George Washington High school this summer, by including artwork, & pictures that demonstrate what was done during this program. During this program, our main focus was for the students to learn how to make their own books, sketchbooks, & journals. We wanted them to learn the different art techniques, as well as allowing them to express their emotions & feelings through their artwork, & the music. One main skill that we wanted them to leave with was the ability to feel more social, comfortable, and free within a different environment. 


  • Creating their own books
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sketching games
  • Collective mural creation
  • Material examinations

Below are a few images from this CAPE summer program at GWHS 2023 :

The start of the collaborative piece

This is me working with a student on the mural!

Students worked on books as well as the mural

Finished student books

Students of all ages and family members got involved

A student wanted to see the difference between the types of pencils!

Teaching artist Jessica Mueller and CAPE Associate Director of Education, Teju Adesida, with the mural

The Summer GWHS Team!

The full class and finished mural!


A Note from Janet:

“I really enjoyed my experience with this program, and mostly since I want to go into the teaching field. Becoming a teacher assistant gave me confidence to explore my different types of options, as well as gave me the opportunity to see what it’s like to work with different students, and put me in a position where I never thought I would’ve been in. I am very thankful for this opportunity because it made me self-reflect on different aspects of many different things. This includes relationship building, social engagement, analyzing situations, as well as self motivation & self discipline. I feel like this program set a goal for me which was to go for new experiences and try out new things and opportunities that come my way. Helping the students gave me a new feel for things. I enjoyed talking to them one on one. I learned many things about these students, where in some cases I had personal connections with them. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone trying to work with students, or give a feel for new experiences! I would most definitely love to be a part of this program again. Thank you for the opportunity CAPE!”


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