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Announcing a New CAPE Online Resource to Celebrate Student Work – CapeConvergence.com

Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education is pleased to announce a new site, CapeConvergence.com, which curates student work from the A/R Partner Schools’ 2020-2021 school year. Convergence 2021 is a collection of artworks by K-12 students from 40 classrooms across Chicago Public Schools. Throughout the year, teacher partners formulate inquiry questions that form the investigative arc for student curriculum.

These questions set in motion student engagement through art-making to explore and expand academic content learning. Teams of teaching artists and classroom teachers continued with artistic investigations that promoted student choice, invited students to express their perspectives about the world, and engaged students to take collective action.

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This year, we again partnered with ACRE to enlist a guest curator and a web designer to render the collective work of the A/R Partner schools. Josh Rios, a curator-consultant for last year’s Convergence exhibit, graciously returns to collaborate with us on re-envisioning the work of the students, teachers, and teaching artists. Artist and designer Elsa Hannabarger was instrumental in realizing the website’s spatial organization and viewer navigation.

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