CAPE promotes After School Program at Back to School Celebrations

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August, 2023

Back to School Celebrations mean great opportunities for CAPE staff to talk, dance, draw and sign up students for After School Classes.

CAPE’s after school program is offered free of charge to families and schools. CAPE is a nonprofit organization that is funded by grants and generous donations from individuals.

Grace Philion, Program Coordinator, ready to sign up students at Dyett High School.

Charles Bessett, New Sulllivan Elementary School Liaison, signs up new students for fall and spring after school programming.

Patricia Okulinski silkscreens with even the youngest students at Waters Elementary while recruiting students for the after school program. Click here for video.

There are more than 18 schools offering CAPE after school classes this 2023-2024 school year! Classes offered at Waters Elementary, for example, include Drama with writer and performer Timothy David Rey, Stop Motion/Mixed Media with artist Asya Dubrovina, Meraki Design with artist Patricia Okulinski, and Dance with interdisciplinary artist and dancer Sara Zalek, and a Multi-Arts class with artists and musicians Nick Meryhew and Jordan Knecht – all paired with Chicago Public School teachers.  

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