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Professional Development is key to excellence at CAPE. Professional development for teachers, arts teachers and teaching artists is a core component of all programs and projects at CAPE.

This week, the Artist/Research Partners met for the first professional development session of the 2023-24 school year at Hyde Park Arts Center. The group also toured teaching artist and board member William Estrada’s “Multiples and Multitudes” exhibition and learned printing techniques (Estrada’s show closes Oct. 28, reception 2pm-4pm, more information about the event:


CAPE believes that building the capacity of educators is essential for long-term success and sustainability. Professional development programs take place over multiple sessions (usually 12-15 hours over a school year) and emphasize peer-to-peer reflection and critique.

Teachers and teaching artists are provided with strategies and frameworks for developing and planning innovative instruction that meets national, state and local learning standards. Find out more about CAPE’s Artist/Researcher Partnership model and partnerships on our website here: Program Descriptions

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