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Teaching Artist Feedback – 2022 Survey Results

We Asked and You Answered – Read actual unedited transcript of the Teaching Artist 2022 Survey Question #30: What is the best thing about serving as a CAPE Teaching Artist?

The CAPE model puts teaching artists in the classroom – to partner with teachers, develop collaborative curriculum, and bring the arts to students

Learning and growth.
Having the time to explore with the kids
I always look forward to my work – building relationships with my teaching partner and the students, being able to do what I love
Working with students
The collaborative teaching model
When you get paired with a great teacher and can collaborate!
Teaching. The best part is the teaching. There are other good parts but really when I’m in the class with the students actually doing the teaching that’s just great.
I adore seeing the children’s faces light up as something clicks: a new passion for art, a new medium, seeing their own improvement, etc. I remember seeing several kids my first year really click with video editing and what they could accomplish, their imaginations went wild.
Being able to get kids into art at an early age
CAPE staff members are very open, easy to talk, and understanding.
Having a partner teacher, collaboration on direction, team leadership in classroom
Having the support and healthy relationship with the teachers and staff to do what I love with the students.
I love that this job pays a fair wage for our given economy. This allows me to have money to pay my bills and still explore the other possibilities in the are world. I feel this job is a great stepping stone/side job that you can do to help advance your artistic career. My goal is to be a full time artist and CAPE is a huge part in allowing that to happen. If I lost cape, I don’t know what I would do.
Openness in pedagogy and freedom to explore in my art and teaching practice, long term partnerships, friendships, CAPE is family
learn and meet interesting people
The students
Seeing kids excited about making art and getting to collaborate with the kids throughout the process.
experimenting with great partners and making art
The freedom to develop your own curriculum
I like working with non-art teachers and students, it provides an interesting and often unexpected perspective.
Engagement with students/ school community, pay, flexibility of time.

2021-2022, Everett Elementary, Kayla Anderson and Julie Huang


2021-2022, 21st Century Primary Center, Jordan Knecht and Andrea Mele

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