NEW Artist/Researcher Partnerships Announced for 2022-2023

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Thanks to the support of our donors, CAPE is excited to announce the roster of Artist/Researcher Partners for the 2022-2023 school year. These are the long-time in-school, collaborative teams who will continue their journey in expanding their work in arts-integration.

Pictured: Shenequa Brooks, Teaching Artist at New Sullivan Elementary School talking about her students’ work with gallery visitors.

This year, teacher and teaching artist teams and their students will explore ideas
around shared community spaces through public art installations, learn about simple machines
through performance and movement, and investigate the connections between food and
culture, to name a few of the artistic inquiries. The thirty teams represent sixteen K-12 Chicago
public schools located in fifteen unique communities throughout city.

Newton Bateman Elementary School
Daniel Boone Elementary School
William Dever Elementary School
Durkin Park Elementary School
Alex Haley Elementary Academy
Patrick Henry Elementary School
Lake View High School
John B Murphy Elementary School
New Sullivan Elementary School
Louis Pasteur Elementary School
Ray Graham Training Center High School
STEM Magnet Academy
Douglas Taylor Elementary School
Jacqueline B Vaughn Occupational High School
Waters Elementary School

Example of partnership work and a description of the inquiry that guided the process:

Ray Graham Training Center
Title: Movement in Time
Inquiry Question: What tools/skills does an individual need to be as independently successful as possible on a daily basis? How do we move independently in relation to objects and people?
Teacher: Katie Jones
Teaching Artist: Mites Zwierzynski
Students: Genaro J., Erika N., Edwin T., Javier M., Steven McF., Ledell H. Angelix De J., Cece P., Takyra C., Alex W., and Nicholas H.
Grade: 12th+
Movement in time and space:how do we move in time and space in relation to people and objects? Students created a range of collages/works of art in response to exploring concepts of individual and collaborative movements. Students studied the movement of people and objects concerning time, speed, and space using various forms of measurement, patterns, and forms of movement.

Find out more about CAPE’s arts partnerships here.

For a map of these schools and others CAPE reaches with its programming, click here.


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