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2022-2023 CAPE After School Site Visits



Welcome to African Drumming at Arthur Ashe Elementary School!
African Drumming is a CAPE After School program at Arthur Ashe Elementary School. Click here to locate it on the CAPE Program Map.
Teaching artist Sekou Conde and Ashe teacher Angela Razos hold an African Drumming class every Monday and Wednesday for two hours for the 2022-2023 school year.
adult stands at front of a classroom as multiple students raise their hands

Students raise their hands to answer Sekou (teaching artist)’s questions about the names of the drums they use within the classroom (this particular question was about the Krin from Guinea, West Africa).


Sekou writes out the rhythms of the piece the students are learning on the board in order to help them remember the sequence.


Listen to the students learning this sequence in the following excerpt from class:

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Dyett High School Site Visit

Oct 27 On-Site Visit to Maya Prentiss (Teaching Artist), Lional Freeman (Teaching Artist), Michelle Burrell (Teacher), and Cinque Cullar (Teacher)’s class that combines theatre arts and sound arts to provide students with the tools to create a class podcast.

Dyett High School students engage with teaching artists and teachers to create meaningful dialogue

Students watch the videos they created to the prompt “Just be yourself for one minute,” in preparation for their upcoming podcast.

One student reflected after the activity, “I only know how to be interesting with other people, I don’t know how to be interesting by myself.”


Happy Halloween – October 29, 2022

Welcome to the Creepy Crawly Podcast.

Tune in this Spooky Season for haunting tales from North-Grand High School & CAPE’s Creative Writing Club, grades 9-12. Students told, created, revised and recorded scary stories in this now interactive podcast. Click here to select from one of three episodes. Presented by CAPE After School, with Tim David Rey (teaching artist) and Melanie Ruiz (teacher).

Click and save this link to listen again or share with others!

Students posted this image around school with the QR code, so other students, teachers, visitors and parents at North-Grand can listen to the CAPE creative writing student’s creations!

Episode 1:

In our inaugural episode we tell creepy two sentence horror stories.

Episode 2:

Have you ever spotted something out of the corner of your eye that you could swear wasn’t there two seconds before? In Episode 2 we tell the story of the mysteriously appearing muddy footprints.

Episode 3

Join us for Part I of I Love Her, I Know I Shouldn’t Have Taken Her – a haunting tale told in diary entries because where else do we keep our deepest darkest secrets.


Douglas Taylor Elementary School and Telpochcalli School Site Visits

October 19, 2022

CAPE After School Research Program Coordinator Noé Cuéllar visited two partnerships in action – Douglas Taylor Elementary School and Telpochcalli School. At Douglas Taylor, students participate after school in a year-long program described as, “Exploring our creativity through the lens of video, photography & drawing,” with teaching artist Emilie Robinson and teacher Monica Wright. At Telpochcalli, students are learning about music after school, described as, “Come make music and explore a variety of music styles,” with teacher Flor Flores and teaching artist Jason Lee Roebke.

This week, students of Emilie Robinson (teaching artist) and Monica Wright (teacher) are discovering and creating work using the cyanotype photographic process.

Here, students create cyanotypes using found objects.

Students discovering the cyanotype photographic process

Student-created cyanotype using found objects

During the visit to Telpochcalli School, teaching artist Jason Lee Roebke showed students how to write a story in three parts, then he demonstrated how musical rhythms are also composed of sequences, patterns of four beats. The students drew patterns on grids, then played them on the drum machine.

Jason Lee Roebke (teaching artist) demonstrates the drum machine to students

Students prepare to dance by programming drum machines using their own patterns

Jason Lee Roebke (teaching artist) shows El Lissitzky designs to students

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