Convergence 2023 Curriculum Share Event

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On May 25, 2023, CAPE teachers and teaching artists in the Artist/Researcher Program (A/RP) gathered for an evening of professional sharing with each other. Each year at Convergence, they present effective and in-depth curriculum information about their year-long projects.

Below, teaching artist Ayako Kato leads a movement warm-up for this year’s Convergence curriculum share event. 

Ray Graham Training Center teacher and artist, Katie Kurisch, shares the inception and creation of her project she instructed with teaching artist Niema Qureshi (not pictured) to other curious teachers, artists, and educators.


Teaching artist Jessica Mueller and teacher Tracy Netter share their embroidered mantra face towel project from New Sullivan Elementary.


New Sullivan classroom teacher Leticia Pineda and teaching artist Shenequa Brooks share their A-MAIZE-ING CREATIONS project from New Sullivan Elementary.


The partners then led a corn-inspired art-making activity for attendees and have a candid conversation about their project and CAPE.



Teaching Artist Ayako Kato led a presentation about the creation and process of her project with Marybel Cortes at Henry Elementary, Working with Simple Machines through Wisdom. Kato then brought her colleagues into a dance that she uses to start each class with her students.

Read more about CAPE’s Artist Research Partnerships here.

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