Celebrating Women’s International Day at Currier Elementary School

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This week, we are excited to bring you student work from our newest partners from School District 33 in West Chicago, IL. Just a few weeks ago the Currier Elementary After-School “Recording Life’s Moments with Photography” group found inspiration for an International Women’s Day project. The students got the opportunity to dive into the big idea that there’s a lot more to photography than just taking a picture. One 5th-grade classroom at Currier, answered the inquiry question: how do we capture our lives?

Picture Credit: Kids Kiddle Yellow mimosa is the symbol of International Women’s Day in Italy.

Led by teacher Anna Leuer and teaching artist Judi Horsley they both eagerly shared with us why they picked this project, “we thought this was a good way to teach photography, through life experiences, especially from a child’s eye.”

How did Currier Elementary celebrate International Women’s Day?

Students read about International Women’s Day from the Kids Kiddle website and read about the lives of women like Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg who advocated for women’s rights, and  U.S. Army officer Lt Col Pam Moody who visited a group of Afghan women on International Women’s Day 2011.

Picture Credit: Kids Kiddle Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg in January 1910.

Picture Credit: Kids kiddle U.S. Army officer Lt Col Pam Moody with a group of Afghan women on International Women’s Day 2011.

As a final project, students were asked to take photos of women in their homes with a written caption about the special woman in their lives. Two students were excited to share an image of the woman they most admire along with a caption:

Pictured: A 5th-grade student at Currier Elementary School shares an image of her mom along with a heart along with the caption, “my wonderful mother.”

Pictured: A student’s sister on International Women’s Day.

To all the women in our lives, we celebrate you every day!

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