CAPE After School: Waters Elementary and North-Grand High School

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Come on a quick after school field trip to Waters Elementary and North-Grand High School, two sites of many CAPE After School Programs provided free for students thanks to your support.

CAPE after school (also known as  “Supporting Communities through Arts Learning Environments,” or SCALE) re-envisions and activates the school as a site for arts, learning, and for family and community members. CAPE’s SCALE after-school program partners teaching artists with teachers to develop an original curriculum that supports project-based arts-integrated learning. As a laboratory for in-school learning, after-school students weave academic and social emotional learning with various art disciplines and teachers are able to experiment with academic content and pedagogical strategies.

At Waters Elementary, artist Asya Dubrovina (left) and teacher Sylvia Rajska are leading Photostory, a year-long visual and digital arts class that will mix photography and animation.

Sylvia Rajska and Asya Dubrovina pose with their students’ first project for their Photostory class

Waters Elementary Photostory class shows off their new, handmade journals












North-Grand High School teacher Michelle Livas and artist Nick Meryhew are rocking a year-long CAPE After School Music Club twice a week. Listen to a first jam of the group here:


CAPE teaching artist Nick Meryhew explains different chords to one of their students in Music Club

Artist Nick Meryhew and teacher Michelle Livas pose in the Music Club classroom

CAPE teaching artist Nick Meryhew explains different chords to one of their students in Music Club











Find out more about all the types of programs CAPE runs to engage teachers and teaching artists in partnership across the city.

Click on our interactive map to see all the partnerships CAPE runs across the city!

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