Youth Music Exchange: Northside Prep High School Chamber Strings x Senn High School Advanced Mixed Chorus

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As part of the DCASE Initiative for the Year of Chicago Music, CAPE is curating the Youth Music Exchange project!

On Tuesday, June 1st, 2021, Northside Prep High School Chamber Strings and Senn High School Advanced Mixed Chorus students met to share out past work and get to know each other. At Northside College Prep was led by Leo Park, and Senn Advanced Mixed Chorus was led by Colin Cosgrove.

Northside College Prep is a public school in the Albany Park / North Park neighborhoods of Chicago. And close by is Senn High School is a public school in the Edgewater / Rogers Park neighborhoods of Chicago. The two school ensembles were excited to learn more about each others’ neighborhoods and intersections in music.

Both groups took turns presenting their various performances together.

Reflecting on the past year, Ellen from Northside Prep stated,

“There’s a lot of musical parts about it, but there’s a lot of community involved in creating these [performances], especially now. A large part of working at home was communicating with others because before COVID, you didn’t worry about who did what, how to give feedback, and how to practice together. But during COVID, we had to adapt and learn to help each other and create videos from so far away from each other. I think this can be applied to a lot of what we did this year. We focused on music, but broadened a lot more into community and expression. That’s in all of our projects.”

Thank you to Northside Prep and Senn students for coming together in this collaboration! 

Comment below to let us know your favorite part of our Youth Music Exchange program!

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