STEAM Ahead In-School Partnerships 2022

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First Grade, First Partnership! CAPE’s In-School STEAM Ahead Partnership of Teaching Artist David Sprecher and STEAM Teacher Kierra Young-Bey explore the work of Ethiopian American painter Julie Mehretu with first graders at Blackhawk Primary Center in Park Forest, IL.

Excited students raise hands towards smiling teacher








STEAM Ahead is a STEM arts integration program that positions arts learning as a cross-cutting practice that allows students to apply, connect, and interweave science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Using CAPE’s collaborative teaching model, teacher and teaching artists teams design and deliver innovative and effective standards-based teaching and learning, including the Illinois Learning Standards in Science (based on the Next Generation Science Standards), Illinois Learning Standards for Mathematics (incorporating the Common Core math standards), and the National Core Arts Standards. STEAM Ahead is a four-year AAEDD US Department of Education program and will culminate in a STEAM curricular website.  To read more about the CAPE Partnerships throughout Chicago, click here.

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