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CAPE offers free Community Classes for the families of CAPE students at many schools in and around Chicago. These instructional but informal gatherings of parents and caregivers of CAPE students are designed to engage the families of CAPE students with school and provide continued learning in the arts as well as opportunities for socialization.
This fall, Mayerly, the younger sister of a George Washington High School student, heard about the class for parents, called Chulitas CAPE Progam. She strongly encouraged her mother Yolanda to take the painting class offered by CAPE for parents. “She absolutely insisted,” said class partners. The goal was to have her mother “teach me to paint after you learn.”  And so, Yolanda signed up for Chulitas CAPE Progam led by artists Mirtes Zwierzynski and Natalia Villa, with Palmira Perez from George Washington High School. And she painted.  This course, like others, was redesigned during Covid to take place online  – an arrangement that continues to work well to reach members of the community. The class is led in Spanish, and this course focused on painting. Here are some examples of Yolanda’s work in the class.
Yolanda then shared techniques and materials that she learned during the class, and Mayerly got her wish. The last two photos were created by Mayerly, created independently of her mother’s work. The CAPE painting partnership between mother and daughter continues.
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