Emotional Healing Through Positive and Negative Emotions at Pioneer Elementary School

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As our students grapple with the impact of the pandemic and learn to process their emotions, one classroom at Pioneer Elementary School learns about emotional healing through positive and negative emotions. CAPE teaching artist, Lisa Holzl, worked on an explosion book and painted rock projects with her students to spread encouragement and kindness to others.

3D CAPE Class:
“Students at Pioneer Elementary School created “core memories” from air-dry clay as they explored the big idea: emotional healing. With inspiration from the Pixar animated film, “Inside Out,” students learned about different emotions and explored their own by creating ‘core memories’ stones. Each memory stone of ‘worry’ was renamed to ‘wisdom.’ In the end, the students learned that we could learn from our emotions and grow with our choices.” – Ms. Holzl.


Visual Art CAPE Class:
“We made these fun ‘explosion books’ to show how ‘positive and negative’ work together. Our big idea is ‘healing through positive and negative emotions. For every negative choice, there is a consequence and a learning opportunity. We can turn it around by our mistakes. For our positive choices, we can impact another person through kindness and by our actions. This project taught them not to stress the small stuff and their mistakes. These are teachable moments through art, just like in life.” –Ms. Holzl


Let us know if you’d like to see more recent CAPE classroom projects!

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