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Today we are kicking off a unique public-private partnership with BAMM!, the next-generation travel and meeting management platform, to drive giving for CAPE’s programs. Using BAMM!’s unique web, iOS and Android based platform, our CAPE supporters travel for fun or business and a percentage of the proceeds go to fund CAPE. BAMM! integrates Priceline, Uber, Uber Conference, Gmail, and Outlook to streamline your travel and meeting needs, locally and abroad, allowing BAMM! users to:

  • Book rental cars, hotels and air travel via the web, iPhone, or Android apps
  • Schedule and monitor meetings and events
  • Understand if people are going to be late, and reach out individually to participants, and instantly set up a conference bridge or easily reschedule

…all from their phones!

Ready to get started with BAMM! and make sure you’re supporting CAPE at the same time? It’s easy!

  •  Register at www.getbamm.com using the referral code CAPECHICAGO (You must use this code at registration for us to get credit!)
  • Book your travel. CAPE gets a portion of what you spend.
  • That’s it. See how easy?

We are so grateful to BAMM! for its long-term commitment to helping Chicago’s students have a robust education through the arts. This partnership is a win-win for our students, as well as for our donors, advocates, teacher, artists and friends who will be able to raise money for CAPE while traveling. In addition to our annual contributions, we are sending students to the 2017 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, and are looking forward to this program helping us support the students, which is, for some, their first out of state trip!


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