Keeping up with the CAPE Music Club at North-Grand High School

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The CAPE After School Music Club at North-Grand High School is run by teacher Michelle Livas and teaching artist Nick Meryhew. Twice a week after school, they lead students in music exploration. And on Thursday, December 8 at 6pm, they have their first concert of the year.

Nick and Michelle agree, “We are both constantly pushing to better our environment for our students and to create a more ambitious and exciting program. For example, this winter will feature the first ever NGHS Music Club concert (a testament also to the courage and ambition of our current group of students), following which we will enter the recording studio at NGHS and record an original composition. Last spring involved a large scale recording project, so this winter’s concert and recording is now expanding on that part of our curriculum. We continue to challenge each other and bring exciting new ideas to the group on how to make the club a more fun and more engaging experience.”

One of the strengths of CAPE is its longstanding partnerships that yield strong collaboration and curriculum development. Nick and Michelle explain that phenomenon — “Having worked together for several years now, we’ve developed a solid collaborative practice. We both foster a culture of curiosity, inclusivity, and musical expression.”

The concert is at North-Grand High School and is open to the public. It represents part of their year-long commitment to engaging and challenging curriculum in music.

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