CAPE welcomes Phillip Cotton and Kevin McGowan to the Board!

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We are so pleased to welcome Phillip Cotton and Kevin McGowan to our Board of Directors!

Take a look below to learn more about Phillip and Kevin:

Phillip Cotton: As an artist, educator, visual designer, and practicing multimedia artist, Phillip is curious about how we can better serve people who have limited resources. He is most interested in the use of innovative design; developing creative environments for public use; utilizing green and solar technology; engaging expansive positive visual images; and the development of a broader more encompassing global and local understanding of our purpose in this world.

“I am excited to join Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) as a board member because CAPE has supported a lot of the collaborative projects that teaching artist, Margy Stover and I have done. I enjoy the fact that CAPE allows us to do innovative projects that explore different ideas about art, as well as having students interact with a variety of art disciplines. They have allowed Margy and I to work on projects that lead us to think outside the box. 

I know everybody says that, but I think CAPE really does move away from your normal cut and paste art projects. They understand the importance of the relationships between art, education, and having teachers and teaching artists collaborate on highly creative projects.”

Kevin McGowan: As Dean of Students for New Sullivan Performing Arts Academy, a school of over 500 students, Kevin develops strategies that deal with student issues, as they pertain to the learning process. He also develops partnerships with other agencies to better serve the needs of students and families.


“The relationships that I’ve built with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) over the past few years have made me excited to join as a board member. I’m big on education and not just when it comes to reading and math, but on educating a whole student. The partnership that has flourished at New Sullivan has allowed me to see how our students can thrive via art education.

I don’t consider myself an artist but I do like art. I can see how a lack of art education is really an injustice to students. By being part of CAPE’s board of directors, I look forward to making a long-lasting impact in art education for students across Chicago.”

If you are interested in learning how to bring your passion and expertise to CAPE as a volunteer or board member, please consider joining us for a Convergence virtual tour! We’d love to welcome you for a quick tour of the show, that includes appearances by CAPE teachers and teaching artists who can further describe what their students accomplished just before and during the pandemic. Contact for details!

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