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On March 16, 2023, Hannah Martin, CAPE West Chicago Program Coordinator, presented about West Chicago Elementary School District 33’s Turner Elementary Community Class at the 21st Century Town Hall

Turner Elementary School is District 33’s most recent school to receive a 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grant. Starting last year in January 2022, CAPE provided after-school classes for students from Kindergarten-Grade 5 from Monday – Thursday and a weekly community class for adults. While the K-5 after-school classes were small but consistently attended, the community class initially struggled to gain attendees.

One year later, under the supervision and encouragement of Turner Community Class artists Anni Holm and Luzma Fuentes, the class has grown substantially and has an average of 15 people attending each class. The class was relocated to a larger space in the school due to the high attendance rates. 

Hannah Martin shared images and videos of two field trips to West Chicago’s Gallery 200 taken this past year by CAPE community classes. In the first field trip, participants helped artist Edgar Camargo create the foundation for his life-sized alebrije body. In the second, artist Rene Arceo taught them how to make linoleum cuts with Mexican motifs. 

Both field trips were instructed in Spanish in order to be accessible to the adult participants. West Chicago is known for their large Spanish-speaking population and the Turner Community Class has done a great job finding field trips with Spanish-speaking artists. 



Above, creating a life-sized alebrije with artist Edgar Camargo at West Chicago Gallery 200. Watch video here:


Below, the linoleum cut field trip to West Chicago Gallery 200 with artist Rene Arceo. Watch video here:

Turner Community Class Linoleum Cut Inspired by Mexican art motif

Rene Arceo demonstrates how to cut linoleum to the Turner Community Class

Mariely sees her linoleum cut become a print for the first time

For a map of all CAPE West Chicago District 33 Schools, click here.

For more information about CAPE’s programs, click here.

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