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New Magazine Highlights STEAM and Arts Integration

Arts Integration STEAM Ed MagazineWe’re excited to be featured in a new online publication called STEAM Ed Magazine, which focuses on arts integration in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (aka STEAM)! Here’s an excerpt from CAPE’s article in the January 2015 issue…

“Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) believes in the power of visual art, music, theater, and dance, to engage students, inspire teachers, and transform schools. Walk, jump, or pirouette into a CAPE classroom and you’ll see students using the arts to personalize, learn, and think critically about subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math. CAPE has been supporting this work for over 20 years, but only recently did a concise acronym come along to both describe and promote the value of integrating the arts in this way: STEAM.

In every CAPE classroom, teachers, students, and artists approach arts integration through a defined artistic process: Inquire, Create, Document, Assess, and Reflect, which parallels the scientific method: Observe, Hypothesize, Experiment, Document, Analyze, Draw Conclusions. These clear parallels make the integration of arts and science an excellent starting point for educators interested in adopting or demonstrating the value of STEAM in the classroom.”

Download the full first issues of STEAM Ed Magazine to read the rest of the article and learn how science + arts integration can look. Then sign up to receive new issues quarterly for free!

And did you know? CAPE has an entire program dedicated to STEAM in six Chicago high schools! Learn more about our STEAM Partnerships program!

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