Grand Opening Celebration: Saturday, March 18, 2-6pm

Inaugural Exhibition: March 1 – 24, 2023, Open T-F, 11am – 5pm and by appt

Thank you for joining us Saturday, March 18th for refreshments, student artwork, performances and interactive art-making!

Attendees: 362

Virtual Tour of the Inaugural Exhibition

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Live Performances

Dawes School Percussionists, followed by the CAPE Music Club at North-Grand High School – Introspektion

Dawes School
Inspired by the acoustics of the CAPE gallery space, “Echoes of the Elements” is a musical exploration of trust. During the performance, student artistsare prompted to create sonic interpretations of randomly selected elements of the Chinese zodiac. Throughout the CAPE learning experience, students and teachers have explored a common thread: true artists must be brave and trust their instincts. This project provides student artists the opportunity to create organically generated performances for an audience. Performing musical improvisations ‘without a net’ allows the students to explore their natural artistic instincts. These unique and original interpretations of the elements are unique to the performance space and time and cannot be replicated.

CAPE Music Club at North-Grand High School – Introspektion
Teacher Michelle Livas and sound and performance artist Nick Meryhew have been co-teaching North-Grand High School’s after-school music program for several years. Their collaborative process centers on student interest and fosters creativity by providing students space to self-select songs they want to perform and build a musical practice from their interests. As students develop listening, technical, and performance skills, they, in turn, create original songs that further amplify their voices through musical expression. For their performance at the inaugural event, they perform one cover song and two original compositions.

NGHS Music Club (performing under their band moniker “Introspektion”) has been exploring a variety of approaches to music making, including composing original music, improvising with or without predetermined structure, and arranging and covering the music of their favorite bands. Each of these methods invite new modes of listening and highlights the diverse musical and performative interests of the group.

Yorgy Valladares – guitar
John Barrera – bass guitar and vocals
Kizzanna Nicholson – synthesizer and vocals

Interactive Artmaking

Some items in the exhibition invite you to participate:

Help complete the Rainbow Tree

Sign your name on The Column

Trace and respond to student sensory drawings

Interact with signs and codes

Hide in fabric

Create your own inaugural exhibition keepsakes!

Print with CAPE teaching artist Jordan Knecht!
Carve the image out of foam, then use a roller to apply paint, and print!


Create a mini “Alebrije” sculpture from air-dry clay!


Exhibition Virtual Walk-Through and Images

Click here for a virtual tour of the Inaugural Exhibition

More than 26 projects from across CAPE’s programmatic spectrum are represented in this show.


Ages of artists run from Kindergarten to Adult, as CAPE reaches its school communities and offers classes to parents and caregivers.


Live student music and sound performances will happen throughout the celebration from 2-6 on Saturday, March 18.



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  • There is a free parking lot on site at the west end of the building where the entrance is. There is also free parking on Aberdeen St nearby and metered parking on 35th St. There is free parking available at the Bridgeport Arts Center at 1200 W 35th St, just two blocks west.  There is no parking on 35th Street along the gallery side.
  • Masks are encouraged, and we will provide some at the space.
  • There is a long 300-foot hallway off the elevator on the 6th floor.
  • A wheelchair and staff member to transport individuals from the entrance of the building into the space are available at the event and upon request.
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Click here for more Exhibition details, such as exhibiting partnerships and artwork descriptions.