CAPE Inaugural Exhibition

Dates: March 1 – 24, 2023
Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11:00am – 5:00pm and by appointment.*
RSVP Exhibition Opening: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 2:00pm-6:00pm
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*To make an appointment to view the show outside of posted hours, contact Mark Diaz,, 312-674-6902

For this first exhibition in the new space, CAPE partners were asked to share artworks and performances representing the collective practice of teaching, creative investigation, and the elevation of student voice.
This exhibition is a portrayal of the dynamic and generative art and performance-making processes that teachers and artists experience with their students every day in CAPE classrooms.


Partnership is at the heart of CAPE’s work — teachers and teaching artists bridge academic learning and artistic exploration together to create engaging learning experiences for students of all ages.
Exhibiting School Partnerships
Chicago Public School Grade Teacher Teaching Artist Project Title
Bateman Elementary School 3 Samantha Soto Betsey Zacsek Creating Safe Spaces
Blackhawk Primary Center (Park Forest-Chicago Heights School District 163) 2 Phaedra Richardson Joseph Barcelona Paper Memory Quilt
Dawes School 8 Cale Patton Madison Kisst Echoes of the Elements
Dyett High School for the Arts 9-12 Lashawn Cox Tony Smith Dyett Vision
Gary Elementary (West Chicago District 33) K-2 Rosalba Rodriguez Anni Holm Sheet Sculptures
Ray Graham Training Center 12+ Katherine Kurisch Aram Atamian Carnival and Change Making 2022
Hoyne & Taylor Elementary 5-8 Andre Porter Jessica Mueller An Evolving Partnership/Co-teaching and Openness
Murphy Elementary School 4 Sarah Ramirez/Penny Shultz Margy Stover Landforms Land Art/Indigenous Homes
New Sullivan Elementary 3 Ms. Leticia Pineda Ms. Shenequa Brooks Owls Commune
Pioneer Elementary School (West Chicago District 33) 2-3 Jennifer Buchanan Amelia Cintula Interactivity: Digital Reflections of Us
Pioneer Elementary School K-2 Sylvia Carranza and Norma Rodriguez Fiorella Gomez Rainbow Tree Colors
STEM Magnet Academy 8 Maggie Sandoval Betsy Zacsek Conservation: Heating and Cooling our Homes
Turner Elementary School (West Chicago District 33) 5 Mary Zonca Kristin Sherwin Unplanned Event
Vaughn Occupational High School 12 Shannon Fitzpatrick Jennifer Mannebach Making Identities
Waters Elementary 3-5 Leticia Ramos Jordan Knecht Photo Zines

CAPE Parent/Community Classes provide contextualized creative and continuous development opportunities for parents and families of CAPE students. The classes integrate the arts with community-articulated needs such as English language learning, technology skills, career development, civic and ecological issues. Community classes are co-taught by teaching artists and teachers and illuminate for parents the connections between art making and learning, and how parents can observe evidence of learning and development in their child’s arts and academic work.

Community Class Projects in the Exhibition
  • Gary Elementary (West Chicago District 33), “Signals & Codes,” artists Anni Holm & Austin McCann
  • New Sullivan Elementary, “Collective Flag” and “Tote Bags” with instructor Charles Bessett and teaching artist, Jordan Knecht
  • Telpochcalli Elementary + Telpochcalli Community Education Project/TCEP, George Washington High School, Taylor Elementary, Leman Middle School, Waters Elementary; “Comadres en el Arte (Community Art Programs Across the City).” Instructors Mara Flores, Palmira Perez, Rosalba Rodriguez, Andre Porter, Rachel Stempel, Xochilt Espinosa, Graciela Moreno, Melinda Ayala, and Lori Koch. Teaching Artists Jessica Mueller, Joseph Spilberg, Victoria Mendoza, Ellen Tritschler
  • Waters Elementary School, “Punch Needle,” with instructor Rachel Stempel and teaching artist Victoria Mendoza

Punch Needle: Partnership of artist Victoria Mendoza and teacher Rachel Stempel, Punch Needle is a project from the community parent class at Thomas J. Waters Elementary School featuring work of students Homa G and Imelda M.

Dyett Vision: Urban Vision Multimedia Arts Partnership of Tony Smith and Lashaw Cox at Walter H. Dyett High School for the Arts

Students captured images during the 2022-2023 Fall multimedia arts program at Dyett. The teens were motivated to capture the vibrant colors of the leaves, trees and their classmates capturing art, while enjoying the transformation from Summer to Fall. “There is a wonderful parallel that exists in the photographs from capturing organic and geometric images that adorn their Washington Park campus.”


CAPE is grateful to the CAPE Exhibition Advisory Committee:
Kate Bowen – Executive Director, ACRE
Shenequa Brooks – Artist, CAPE Teaching Artist
Katie Kurisch – CPS Educator, CAPE Teacher
Sonja Moser – CAPE Teaching Artist
John Neff – Educator, Curator, Artist
Jason Roebke – CAPE Teaching Artist, Musician
Kate Zeller – Independent Curator, Administrator, Educator