You are invited to attend
the Fall Exhibition Celebration Event!

Join us on Saturday, November 11 from 2-5pm for an afternoon of art, celebrating the I Do, We Do, You Do Fall exhibition!
Come and be a CAPE student for a day at our free celebration of instructions and prompts written by students.

 All ages are welcome! Event is free, light refreshments provided. 
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Click image to watch Carmen, a 1st-2nd grade CAPE After School student from Pioneer Elementary, explain the concept of creating artist instructions!

Student artist Kedarrius with his art instructions. “I’m an Artist!”


The exhibition works for all ages-Eliza and her family all created work!

Teachers and teaching artists create work!


Students add their artwork the show!



Details for Educators or any interested in the Talk+Workshop (CPDUs provided for Educators):

2pm features a presentation by Arturo Barrera, Pasteur Art Teacher, followed by hands-on art-making with Jordan Knecht and Jessica Mueller, CAPE Teaching Artists.

2-2:30pm Arturo Barrera will present work he created during the WorkRoom residency program and will highlight the importance of sustaining a studio practice as a CPS art teacher. He will then discuss how the instruction pieces engaged his students in the inquiry process by prompting them to conceptualize instructions as works of art that directed viewers to make art.

2:30-3:15pm Workshop: CAPE Teaching Artist Jordan Knecht will facilitate a workshop for educators around the idea of creating connections between standards through playful exploration and personal interest. This workshop utilizes intentionally disorienting instructions to lead participants through a series of collaborative art making methods including writing, drawing, sculpture, and performance. Through this process-based workshop, educators will uncover new access points to engage their curriculum, draw new connections between classroom topics, and develop ways to invite personal interests into the learning environment.

3:15-4:00pm Workshop: CAPE Teaching Artist Jessica Mueller will lead educators through step-by-step instruction of an arts integration project for all ages, the Power of Words + Perseverance. Educators will explore social-emotional learning concepts through mantra writing (for self and others) and by conceptualizing unique hand lettering and layout designs for posters and embroidery. Centering teacher/ student openness and personal choice at the root of the workshop, we will delve into the question, What are the words I/ a loved one/ a friend need to hear today? For older students, educators will learn to incorporate problem-solving through embroidery as the next step in this project. The dichotomy of teacher and student will become interchangeable through the text design and embroidery process as this project is designed for challenges to arise, creating the need for adaptability, problem-solving, and perseverance from all involved. This work will provide educators with project-based learning that will foster compassion and empathy (for self and others) and problem-solving skills through text-based art. 

CPDU Credit Certificates will be issued.


2-5 pm All Ages are Welcome! You will interact with the exhibition and add your work to the walls!


CPDU Credits available for Teachers. Appropriate for all educators and artists, people will leave with curricular materials and will have interacted with the exhibition. Presenters will share their work in the classroom, and how it relates to the gallery space.

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