PAIR Project Update- February 2016

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Last year, we told you about CAPE’s findings from our Partnership for Arts Integration Research (PAIR) project gaining a wider audience through publication in the Journal for Learning through the Arts as an article titled ‘Meeting the Burden of Proof,’ written by Dr. Larry Scripp and Laura Paradis.  Now that article has made it into ArtsEdSearch, an online clearinghouse created by the Arts Education Partnership to collect and summarize high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyze their implications for educational policy and practice. Items published by ArtsEdSearch represent the highest standard of research in arts education, and we’re honored to be included there for a fourth time.Click here to read the new article at its new home on the ArtsEdSearch website, or click here to view a list of all the CAPE studies found on ArtsEdSearch (links will open in a new tab).

About the PAIR Project

PAIR classroom

Teaching artist Mirtes Zwierzynski with students at Healy Elementary

During the three years of the PAIR project, CAPE researchers Dr. Gail Burnaford and Dr. Larry Scripp created a double tiered approach of gathering both teacher and student level data. Using a quasi-experimental design and a statistical regression analysis, the data points unequivocally to correlations between participation in arts integrated professional development, lesson design and implementation and student learning outcomes.

Significant amongst the findings were:

  • Students in arts integrated projects closed the achievement gap (lower test scoring students stayed closer to pace with their high test scoring peers when compared to control schools)
  • Teachers who participated in arts integration professional development had students who were most academic gains.

In other words the study shows that arts integrated lessons provide a more leveled playing field for different types of learners, and teachers who learn how to implement arts integration in their classroom increase their students’ chances of success.

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