It’s an organism unto itself

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Our wonderful Office Manager, Kelly Nespor, and I were talking a few mornings ago about theater, being on stage and those moments just before a play begins. Sputtering and howling before as the key is being turned and the engine kicks into gear – once it starts you hop on board because it just moves, no stopping it….an organism unto itself.

It’s an apt metaphor for the academic school year at CAPE. There are so many programs going on at once, so many people involved, so many different things in play, but once it starts you jump on, whether you forget your lines or not.

The core structure of CAPE partnerships is the collaboration between a teacher and artist in the classroom. All programming flows from this central concept though it may wear different clothes depending on which program you see.

More than once, everyone forgets their lines or rewrites the script to tackle arts integration and pedagogy and learning. It really is a heck of a performance. Ask anyone.

Hilesh Patel, Program Associate

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