Our Associate Board is composed of young Chicago-area professionals who are eager to contribute their time, energy, and resources to CAPE’s mission.  Members of the Associate Board plan, host, and attend a variety of CAPE events that raise awareness about our work in Chicago Public Schools.

Associate Board Members

  • Blase Viti III
  • Colin Henry
  • Jaimie Steinher
  • Nikki Labaschin
  • Kate Pusateri
  • Sam Fazzini
  • Ross Taylor
  • Julia DeRose
  • David McClain
  • Kelly Upp
  • Will Zeiler
  • Robert Bertog
  • James Yonen
  • Mary Lauder
  • Kyle Henry
  • Christopher Marcheschi
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Allie Rice
  • Anne McCarthy
  • Greg Rothstein
  • Casey Kenny

Would you like to get involved with our Associate Board?

Please join us at our office in the Loop for our CAPE Field Trip, a one-hour info session where you can meet our staff and learn more about getting involved in our work.